Urantia Association
of Finland

The Urantia Book, a powerful offline search engine available (v. 2.4)

  • Works in all today’s Windows based PC’s (Windows 2000+)
  • Works offline, i.e. no internet connection
  • Searches the text paragraphwise
  • Search terms are highlighted in the text
  • Includes all available translations of The Urantia Book (19 + 9 languages)
  • Possible to read the text in one or two lanuages parallel
  • Support for targeted listening of the audiobook (limited papers)
  • In parallel reading the matching paragraphs are placed next to each other
  • Includes TUB cover gallery (78 images)
  • No installation. You can place software on the hard disk or on a portable USB-memory. Click-to-run

Change log [2nd Aug 2020]

(When updating, first remove the earlier version by deleting the folder UBs)

Version 2.4
  • Updated: Support for targeted listening of the audiobook
    (Readiness: English: complete, Finnish: complete, Estonian: 5 papers)
  • Updated: English text updated (incl. also SRT-list, i.e. all text corrections since 1955)
  • Updated: Danish, Estonian, Russian, Germany, French, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Persian (Farsi), Spanish (eur.) and Spanish (am.) -translations updated
  • Added: Indonesian translation added (draft version)
Version 2.3
  • Added: Support for targeted listening of the audiobook
    (Readiness: Fin: complete, Eng: 25 papers, Est: 5 papers)
  • Updated: Portuguese translation updated
  • Updated: Hebrew translation updated
  • Updated: Incomplete Persian translation added 5 more papers
  • Improved: Some improvements in user interface
Version 2.2
  • Added: Czech translation (draft copy)
  • Updated: Dutch translation updated till version 1997-1.11
  • Fixed: Estonian translation was of an unknown reason an uncontrolled (draft?) version, in spite of correct version number.
  • Improved: Paragraph numbering has been both fixed and harmonized in many translations closer to English version numbers. This will improve parallel reading in all languages, to find correct matching paragraphs.
Version 2.1
  • Added: Japanese translation (draft copy)
  • Updated: Polish papers updated 4th Oct 2019
  • Fixed: Hebrew translation might not show all correctly in parallel reading
  • Improved: More compact header and more stable window scrolling
Version 2.0
  • Updated: Russian translation updated 10th July 2019
  • Improved: Paragraphs in the result list include also the paper number with title
  • Improved: Paragraph link in the result list opens the paper next to results - no more in a new window
  • Improved: Some improvements in user interface and minor bug fixes
Version 1.92
  • No major improvements or changes
  • This is more like a maintenance release for smaller bugs and some improvements in user interface
Version 1.9
  • Added: Three new draft copies (Arabic, Croat and Turkish)
  • Added: Book covers of the new translations (above)
  • Added: Search tips near by search box
  • Updated: Greek papers updated 17th April 2019
  • Improved: Parallel reading shows the matching paragraphs next to each other
  • Improved: Possible to select both languages in reading window
Version 1.8
  • Added: TUB cover-page gallery (72 cover images)
  • Added: Check version update (online). The check is found on Info-page ("?")
  • Updated: Persian (Farsi) papers updated 9th March 2019
  • Improved: Paragraphs in Search Result are now sorted in the order of text in the book
  • Improved: Some improvements in user interface
Version 1.7
  • Added: Hebrew translation (draft copy)
  • Added: Another Spanish translation (now both European and American translations)
  • Improved: Html-structures cleaned, which improves browser compatibility
  • Improved: Some improvements in user interface
Version 1.6
  • Tested: Apple Platform (MacOS Mojave 10.14): XAMPP (php 7.2) + UBs_noWebS. → OK
  • Tested: Linux Platform (Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS): XAMPP (php 7.2) + UBs_noWebS. → OK
  • Fixed: Search-button was invisible in some installations ('enter' still worked)
  • Fixed: Highlighting the matching paragraphs in parallel reading not always working
  • Fixed: Some page links were broken in some environments
Version 1.5
  • First public release

Here you can download the software for free

Select File Type Size Filename Platform
 1. User Guide (English, 5 p.) pdf 2 mb UBs_En_UserGuide_v2.3.pdf Any

Option 1: Includes a Web server. Software size unpacked circa 805 mb

Select File Type Size Filename Platform
 2. Self extracting exe file exe 236 mb UBs_Windows_v2.4.exe Windows
 3. Zip-file zip 342 mb UBs_Windows_v2.4.zip Windows

Alternative method for Apple, Linux and Windows users ...

This option requires, that you have an own web server in your computer, i.e. a third party software running PHP code, like XAMPP or MAMP. The server setup may require a bit computer skills. Of the available php versions at least 5.6-7.2 seem to work fine.

Once you have your web server up and running in your computer, just extract the content of the file below (.exe, .zip or .gz) to your document root -folder (like htdocs/) or in a subfolder. Open web browser and navigate to http://localhost/ubsearch.php (or http://localhost/subfolder/ubsearch.php , the subfolder -name you can decide). The Urantia Book search engine opens, and the use is rather self intuitive.

Option 2: Does not include a Web server. Software size unpacked circa 723 mb

Select File Type Size Filename Platform
 4. Self extracting exe file exe 221 mb UBs_noWebS_v2.4.exe Any
 5. Zip-file zip 319 mb UBs_noWebS_v2.4.zip Any
 6. Tar.gz-file tar.gz 311 mb UBs_noWebS_v2.4.tar.gz Any